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Hiap Huat Building

Hiap Huat Chemicals Sdn. Bhd. is one of the Department of Environment, Malaysia (DOE) licensed scheduled waste recycling holder, which started from the year of 1994, and became the leading contractor in Malaysia. With the accreditation by ISO 14001, ISO 9001:2008 and OHSA 18001, it enables us to commit further with our employees to innovate more customized recycled products in a better and safer environment.

Our business is to recover and refine chemicals wastes. The wastes are not only treated in a most environmentally friendly and cost-effective method; they are further refined, formulated and become industrial product with high commercial values. We are here to align with government's effort to move from disposal to 4R (Reduce, Reuse, Recover and Recycle) for waste management. We are moving from "cradle-to-grave" to "cradle-to-cradle", providing discharge-service rather than incineration-based disposal service for our customers in Malaysia.

"We don't own the earth, we have just borrowed it from our children". With the industrialization of our society, we may soon find that we will have not much natural recourse, particular crude oil, for our daily life. Sustainable development is one of the main topics in the new era. Our recovery business for the organic based materials; most of them are non-regeneratible, which is making contributions for our society and children.